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Service Division

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing customer service, Bentall Rowlands is pleased to announce the

launch of our new Service Division in the UK.

Recognising the growing need for product longevity, we understand that prevention is often more effective than finding a cure.

Our newly introduced Service Division is dedicated to helping customers maintain the longevity of their products through comprehensive planned maintenance and hygiene programs. These programs are conducted by highly trained professionals and customised to meet each customer’s specific requirements and budget.

For companies with tired looking silos, or simply requiring after-purchase support, Bentall Rowlands’ service and maintenance division takes care of:

  • Silo cleaning
  • Silo painting
  • Silo relocation
  • Silo non-destructive testing (a health check for older silos)
  • Silo repair and rope access

This service is available for both Bentall Rowlands equipment and equipment from other manufacturers.

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