• Over 75 years in business
  • Refurbishments Available
  • ATEX Compliant
  • Manufactured in the UK


Bentall Rowlands Silo Storage provides a comprehensive range of services aimed at facilitating the strategic planning and seamless execution of your project’s development. Our unwavering commitment to quality, decades of industry expertise and comprehensive project management services ensure innovative, reliable solutions that stand the test of time.

  • Service Division

    Bentall Rowlands recognises the importance of product longevity, and to address this, we have introduced our Service Division. This division focuses on providing customers with planned maintenance and hygiene programs, customised to their specific needs and budget. With a team of trained professionals, we aim to help customers preserve their products and prevent issues before they arise.

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  • Civil Engineering

    Bentall Rowlands' civil engineering service offers expertise in constructing and refurbishing a wide range of structures, ensuring quality and attention to detail. Our team can handle all your engineering requirements, providing guidance and a tailored solution that meets your operational needs and budget, eliminating any stress.

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  • Design & Planning

    Led by a team of Chartered Engineers who provide innovative and cost-effective designs for grain storage and handling systems. Our expertise, combined with advanced technology and compliance with international standards, ensures tailored solutions that meet customers' requirements with precision and efficiency.

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