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The energy sector relies on Bentall Rowlands’ expertise in designing and manufacturing robust grain silos and storage systems. These systems are essential for storing materials such as coal, biomass and other energy-related feedstocks. By ensuring a stable and efficient supply chain for power generation, Bentall Rowlands contributes to the reliable production of energy, supporting various industries and communities.

By offering dependable storage solutions, we enable power plants to maintain a consistent flow of materials required for energy production. This reliability is not just a convenience; it’s the backbone of energy generation, ensuring that power is readily available when needed.

Reliability in energy production is non-negotiable. Bentall Rowlands’ commitment to designing and manufacturing durable storage systems ensures that the energy sector can meet its demands consistently. Whether it’s coal, biomass, or other energy-related feedstocks, our solutions safeguard these resources, preventing spoilage and ensuring they remain in optimal condition for power generation.

Our expertise in storage solutions empowers the industry to continue meeting the energy needs of diverse sectors and communities, contributing to economic growth, industrial progress, and a higher quality of life.

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  • Food Industry

    In the food industry, Bentall Rowlands offers reliable and efficient grain silos and storage systems. These solutions play a critical role in ensuring the safe and secure storage of grains, cereals, and other food commodities throughout the entire supply chain.

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  • Biofuel

    With a focus on sustainability, Bentall Rowlands offers advanced grain silos and storage systems that cater to the biofuel industry’s unique needs, facilitating the storage and handling of biomass and biofuel feedstocks to support renewable energy production.

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  • Animal Feed

    Bentall Rowlands understands the importance of precise storage and handling in the animal feed industry. By delivering tailored grain silos and storage systems, we assist in preserving the quality and nutritional value of animal feed.

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