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Animal Feed

In the animal feed industry, precise storage and handling are paramount. Bentall Rowlands understands the significance of preserving the quality and nutritional value of animal feed. Ensuring the health and productivity of the livestock. To address this need, the company delivers tailored grain silos and storage systems that help maintain the integrity of feed ingredients, ensuring the health and productivity of livestock.

Bentall Rowlands’ solutions in this sector promote animal welfare and sustainable agriculture practices. This is done by creating a controlled environment that shields feed ingredients from moisture, pests and contaminants. By providing feed that maintains its nutritional value and remains intact, we can improve the wellbeing for livestock. For example, better growth rates and improved health.

Our solutions in the animal feed sector align perfectly with the principles of sustainable agriculture. Bentall Rowlands helps reduce feed wastage, minimise environmental impacts and ensure every resource in feed production is utilised efficiently. This promotes sustainable practices that benefit both agriculture and the environment.

We understand the intricate balance between preserving the nutritional value of animal feed and promoting sustainable agriculture practices. To address these critical needs, we offer tailored grain silos and storage systems that uphold the highest standards of feed integrity, animal welfare, and agricultural sustainability.

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