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Smoothwall Silos

‘Aylsham’ Smoothwall Round Silos

Introducing the ‘Aylsham’ smoothwall round silos, an integral component of a comprehensive storage system designed to accommodate a variety of materials such as grain, pellets, soya, dust/by-products, and other difficult-to-flow products

Available in a range of sizes, from 3 meters to 9 meters in diameter with increments of 1 meter, and wall heights reaching up to 15 meters, the Aylsham silos offer versatility to suit diverse storage requirements. These silos can be equipped with either a steel full floor or a hopper cone assembly. Both the silo sidewall and the full floor or cone are constructed using the same galvanized steel employed in our corrugated silo range.

The galvanization process ensures a G600 coating, providing a total coating weight of 600 grams per square meter. To ensure smooth interior surfaces and minimise product hang-ups, non-corrugated sidewall sheets are fastened using dome-headed grade 8.8 spun-galvanized fixings.


The cones are available in two designs: 45 degrees and 60 degrees. They consist of G600 curved cone panels securely fastened with dome-headed bolts. The size of the outlet flange depends on the product flow rates and characteristics, while the clearance under the outlet can be adjusted based on the recovery equipment beneath the silo.

For silos that require discharge via a rotating recovery machine, we offer a supported full floor option for the Aylsham silos. This full floor is constructed using galvanized steel with butt joints and dome-headed fixings. Additionally, the silo and floor are supported by structural steel that undergoes hot-dip galvanization, ensuring exceptional durability and a prolonged service life.

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