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Hopper bottom silos are all designed, detailed, programmed and manufactured by Bentall Rowlands. The design is based upon loads and pressures derived from either the German DIN 1055 1987 or Eurocode 1 part 4 with structural calculations based on BS 5950 part 5 or Eurocode 3.

Standard ranges from 3m diameter 15 tonnes storage to 10m diameter 1,700 tonnes, all hoppers are designed for high cyclic loading, i.e. high usage of product in and out and at high tonnage rates. The 45 and 60 degree hoppers are standard (other hopper angles upon request). Silo roof panels, wall sheets and stiffening struts (up to 3mm thick) are sheared and formed from pre-galvanised steel sheets, with a minimum of G600 galvanising. Stiffening struts (thicker than 3mm) are sheared and formed from black steel and hot-dip galvanised to finish after manufacture, as too is the supporting entablature steelwork.

All of Bentall Rowlands’ silo ranges are designed, detailed, programmed and manufactured at one site. One benefit of this is that we can, and often do, manufacture non–standard silos and hoppers. So if your needs are different from those in the standard ranges please do not hesitate to ask.

Hopper silos can provide temporary wet grain storage as part of a grain drying plant and other “buffer bin” applications in silo plants. Storage of other free flowing granulated products, wood pellets and feed pellets in relevant industrial plants. Medium term grain storage where fast discharge of large batches of grain are required (sea and river ports, breweries, malting, mills).

General Parameters

  • Capacity: up to 2165 m³
  • Diameter: up to 10.0 m
  • Overall height: up to 33.81 m
  • Snow load: 0.75 kN/m²
  • Wind load: 50m/sec
  • Cylinder height: up to 24.88 m

All silo parts are made from certified pre or hot-dip galvanised steel. High specification G600 galvanising provides outstanding corrosion resistance.

Uses: agricultural, food complexes, sea and river ports, breweries, bio-fuel etc. Optimal solution for quick unloads of large amounts of any granular loose free flowing materials: cereal crop, granular polymers, wooden granular fuel, granular fodder etc. Subject to review by our in-house engineering team.

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