• Over 75 years in business
  • Refurbishments Available
  • ATEX Compliant
  • Manufactured in the UK

Flat Bottom Silos

All of our Flat bottomed silos are designed, detailed, programmed and manufactured by Bentall Rowlands.

The design of Bentall Rowlands Flat bottom silos are based upon the loads and pressures derived from the German DIN 1055 1987 standard. Structural calculation based upon BS 5950 part 5 and wind loading of 50m/sec (180m/h) for a probability period of 25 years.

Standard ranges from 3.0m diameter 15 tonnes storage to 27.0m diameter 13,725 tonnes, all silos are designed for high cyclic loading, i.e. high usage of product in and out and at high tonnage rates. Silo roof panels, wall sheets and stiffening struts (up to 3mm thick) are sheared and formed from pre-galvanised steel sheet, with a minimum of G600 galvanising.

Stiffening struts (thicker than 3mm) are sheared and formed from black steel and finished hot dip galvanised after manufacture.

Bentall Rowlands handles all design, drafting, programming, and manufacturing processes in a single location. This centralised approach enables us to effectively cater to special requirements should customers have specific needs or preferences.

  • Key features of our storage silos
    • Strong true conical roof for maximum load bearing capacity.
    • Silo cylinder with M10 bolts to maintain strength without regular re-tensioning
    • Silo stiffeners with strong fish plated joints for long term stability
    • Silo sidewall sheets utilise a shallow corrugation to minimise ‘hang up’ of material on walls and provide a cleaner safer silo.
  • Choose a Bentall Rowlands silo for:
    • Safe storage for your product(s) in all climates
    • Our customers continue to experience low maintenance even after 25 years of use
    • Prompt delivery and easy installation

Bentall Rowlands silo can provide short and long term storage of grain, oil seeds and other granulated free flowing materials, including wood pellets, with mechanised loading/unloading options and full range of grain management systems to provide safe storage. Maximum term of storage depends on the parameters of the product: moisture content, impurities and temperature.

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