• Over 75 years in business
  • Refurbishments Available
  • ATEX Compliant
  • Manufactured in the UK


Bentall Rowlands offers a wide range of rotary drum grain cleaners with or without aspiration.

Bentall Rowlands provides an extensive selection of rotary drum grain cleaners, available with or without aspiration. These machines effectively eliminate light dust particles and separate high-quality grain from splits and debris. For cereals intended for long-term storage, the rotary drum cleaner with aspiration is particularly crucial as it prevents overheating caused by chaff, husks, split grains, and similar contaminants.

  • The general parameters for the grain cleaners are

    Capacities from 10 tph to 250 tph
    Can be used as scalping, pre-cleaners or screening.
    Complete range of round-hole and slotted screens to suite all crops.
    Fine-adjustable aspiration with optional dust collection systems.
    Adjustable speed and inclination of the drum.

  • There are also a wide variety of options:

    Variable drum rotation speed.
    Wooden rollers for screen cleaning.
    Motorised drum inclination.
    Wearproof polyethylene sheet.
    Motorised conveyor.
    Control console.
    Aspiration cowling with pressed galvanised panels.
    Product inlet hopper.
    Aspiration intake with vertical and horizontal positioning.
    Airflow dampers.
    Rotary drum connecting hopper.
    Cowling and drum support uprights in pressed galvanised sheet.
    Mobile lateral doors fitted with handle and lock.
    Perforated carbon steel plate screens.
    Manual drum inclination.
    Nylon brushes for screen cleaning.
    Fixed rotation speed.
    Manually regulated conveyor for discharge of large impurities.

The product enters by gravity into a motorised roller distributor and is evenly distributed over its whole width; the subsequent curtain descent of cereal encounters a cross airflow, which carries away light impurities (decanted by a cyclone or filter) and deposits a part of the heavier particles in a decanting hopper, equipped with a screw for reject expulsion. The dust-free grain enters a cylindrical rotating drum with interchangeable perforated screens.

The first screen removes re–light impurities (and splits etc.), while the following screens allow the good grain to pass through pre-sized holes and the large impurities come out at the end of drum.

The choice of screen perforation size depends upon the cereal and the type of reject to separate out.

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