• Over 75 years in business
  • Refurbishments Available
  • ATEX Compliant
  • Manufactured in the UK

Catwalks And Platforms

Bentall Rowlands manufactures in-house, a complete range of catwalks, ladders and platforms to suit new or existing installations.

Bentall Rowlands’ standard range of catwalks are available in widths from 1,200mm to 2,000mm wide in 200mm increments. They utilise a galvanised double or triple stringer design depending on the conveyor loads and free-span required. The double stringer design allows for the complete internal area to be decked using hot-dip galvanised flow forge. This is an added safety feature ensuring free and safe passage for site operators.

The handrail posts are hot-dip galvanised angle sections, bolted both vertically and horizontally to give a reassuringly sturdy support. Double or triple runs of galvanised tubing make up the handrail system. These tubes can also double up as air lines when using pneumatic equipment.

In certain project layouts and equipment configurations, it might be required to obstruct the open area of a catwalk. We can assist with this problem. Our catwalk design includes the option of equipping side extension platforms to guarantee continuous and secure passage for operators.

  • Gantries

    The Bentall Rowlands range of gantries effortlessly handles long free-spans, multiple conveyor systems, or the support of high-capacity handling equipment. Our skilled design team has an array of proven and reliable designs at their disposal. All gantries are constructed using black steel and undergo hot-dip galvanization to guarantee a prolonged operational lifespan.

  • Conveyor Supports

    Bentall Rowlands offers the flexibility of providing optional intermediate conveyor supports for both catwalks and gantries. These fully galvanized supports can be installed to accommodate horizontal or inclined conveyor configurations. They are securely bolted to the vertical handrail posts and bottom cross channels, ensuring robust support for conveyors of any size.

  • Catwalk Supports

    Bentall Rowlands has ingeniously designed its flat and hopper bottom silos to enable the support of catwalks through a combination of sidewall brackets and peak supports. These supports effectively transfer the loads from conveying equipment, personnel, snow loads, and more, either directly or through the roof structure, to the vertical stiffeners. The vertical stiffeners, in turn, efficiently transmit the load to ground level. This clever design eliminates the requirement for expensive independent support structures. Additionally, for larger silos in our range, we incorporate a back-brace system that further enhances the bearing capacity of the catwalk.

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