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  • Country: Germany
  • Project: Redding
  • Capacity: 20,560 tons

Required for the storage of grain, this project consisted of Eurocode designed silos that included patch loads. This caused quite a challenge when designing the project.

We erected three, 21 meter diameter 18 ring silos each holding 6000 tonnes, four 7 meter diameter 17 ring hopper bottom silos each holding 640 tonnes, a 2 metre wide top catwalk., two 5 meter diameter 4 ring hopper bottom lorry loading silos and supporting steel work with a 5.8 meter high drive throw.

The 2 metre wide top catwalk has a full width mesh that is designed to take two conveyors running parallel to one another and has a large free span back to the main silos.

The elevator that runs across the site, is supported by these new silos that have been erected.

Our meticulous design, including a spacious top catwalk and support for an elevator, showcases our commitment to tailored solutions and seamless project execution.

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