• Over 75 years in business
  • Refurbishments Available
  • ATEX Compliant
  • Manufactured in the UK

JA Wells

  • Country: UK
  • Project: JA Wells
  • Capacity:: 97,000 tons

Our brief was to deliver a full drying plant project for the customer.

We designed, manufactured and installed seven, 8 meter diameter 7 ring 45 degree hopper bottom silos with an aeration system.

Each silo is capable of holding 380 tonnes that are connected with a 2 metre wide top catwalk system. A 4 meter 5 ring 45 degree lorry loading silo was also manufactured and erected on supporting steel to give a 4.5 meter high drive throw.

Each of the 8 metre hopper bottom silos are wet bins which are required prior to the drying of the grain, before it gets added into a flat store.

We successfully delivered a comprehensive drying plant project, including the design, manufacturing, and installation of seven 8-meter diameter hopper bottom silos with aeration systems, each capable of holding 380 tonnes.

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