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Case Studies - Sas Van Gent

Sas Van Gent
Sas Van Gent
6,200 tonnes
Handling Rate:

A line of four new 12 metre diameter hopper bottom storage silos sit alongside a water way waiting for incoming maize. These silos, erected in 2012, are some of the largest hopper bottom silos in Europe.

Each silo holds 1,550 tonnes of maize with a bulk density of 721 kg/m³ and is fed by a single 350 tons per hour chain and flight conveyor. The conveyor is supported on a custom designed top catwalk system which is 4.00 metres wide. The top catwalk features full width decking allowing the operators the maximum available area for maintenance. To further help the operator with maintenance the silos eaves have been fitted with a handrail system. With the very high loads being imposed by the catwalk and conveyor the silos are fitted with two sets of four vertical sidewall brackets ensuring the load is safely transferred to the external stiffeners.

At the customer request the open area around the supporting legs has been fitted with galvanized cladding.