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“If you want to know who is responsible for quality at Bentall Rowlands the answer is EVERYONE”
Kevin Groom, Technical Director

Over the years Bentall Rowlands has instigated and documented detailed quality procedures that are inherent within the new organisation. Recently refinements have been introduced using their computer network and procedures are continuously reviewed. Bentall Rowlands work to current national and international codes and strive to continually improve their products. Bentall Rowlands have adopted the following codes of conduct in order to prove trustworthy in the eyes of their customers through quality production, well-timed delivery, express and efficient after-sales service support, reasonable pricing, and innovative services.

From enquiry to erection and beyond

Hand in hand to attain a high standard of manufactured product is the need for good, effective administration and support. Bentall Rowlands’ aim, using modern technology, is to maintain full audit trails from initial enquiry to after sales support.

Bentall Rowlands regard the control of the following areas as fundamental to achieving this.

  • Good management
  • Ownership of processors
  • In-house trail of documentation
  • Quality/approved suppliers
  • Communication both internal and external
  • Control the flow of materials
  • Inspection of work completed
  • Erection and after sales service


Bentall Rowlands has evolved from a much more diverse organisation and has spent a great deal of effort since its conception in re-organising the factory to enable it to concentrate on its core business:

  • Factory layout totally reviewed to optimise effective use of space available.
  • Disposal of surplus equipment and the purchase of additional machinery.
  • Certification and servicing of all equipment.
  • Allocation of specific quarantine storage areas.
  • Sourcing of additional machines to improve quality and efficiency.
  • Recruitment of additional staff.

Design & Technical

Ensuring that customers receive the highest standard of design to meet their requirements is of great importance and all drawings and designs are rigorously scrutinised to ensure that they meet the standards. An Independent Consulting Engineer - GGP - work closely with Bentall Rowlands to further provide support. Recent significant investment in modern day design software backed up with interactive training is key to Bentalls future growth and potential.

Health & Safety

In order to further secure a safe and healthy environment, Bentall Rowlands commissioned a specialist company to advise on good practice and recommend policy throughout the organisation. Bentall Rowlands have recently been in contact with their local government H & S officer who has been here to conduct an inspection that raised no concerns with the Bentall Rowlands Storage Systems operation. H & S is a continuous process and will always remain as a major issue in Bentalls decision-making.


One of Bentall Rowlands Storage Systems’ major attributes towards maintaining high standards is the loyalty and experience that it enjoys from the workforce. An appraisal system is in place for existing staff and new recruits will go through lengthy inductions to ensure that good, safe practices are inherent and that quality standards are met. Bentall Rowlands aim to improve staff skills not only for the benefit of the company but also for the individual and Bentalls pride ourselves in having good internal communication with a management style that is open and approachable.

Goods and Services

One aspect of maintaining the high quality of Bentall Rowlands products is to ensure that we are supplied with quality materials and services in a timely fashion. As well as aiming to achieve the best prices suppliers are continuously assessed as to their efficiency and the quality of their product/service.

The planning for the delivery of materials is crucial to Bentall Rowlands and so the buying side of Bentalls operation is treated as a priority.


As with all industry the effective use of resources is paramount to the profitability of the business. Bentall Rowlands continuously monitor their production processes and production targets set in order to improve standards.

The benefit of the expertise, versatility and loyalty of their workforce cannot be understated as contributing to the high quality achieved throughout their production processors.


Sometimes things do go wrong.

Having experienced a problem with container loading the directors acted quickly and decisively. A full report was ordered, specialised shippers were consulted on site, training was given to staff, additional equipment brought in (ramp and teleporter forklift) and internal procedures set to ensure all future shipments leave the factory in a safe and secure manner.


Bentall Rowlands Storage Systems are striving to continuously improve the whole of the business operation by ensuring that a professional and effective management structure exists. Bentall Rowlands Storage Systems aim to constantly monitor their performances setting quality objectives and encouraging pro-active participation and development of all staff.

The need to listen to Bentall Rowlands’ customers and adapt to meet their requirements remains paramount and to this end, Bentall Rowlands will maintain an on-going goal of constant improvement.