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Finance options are adapted to Bentall Rowlands clients’ needs.

Bentall Rowlands Silo Storage utilises the parent company’s export finance contacts, experience and skills in order to adapt to client’s needs when negotiating finance options available for specific projects.

Sight Payment Letters Of Credit

This is the typical payment method for overseas clients. Bentalls knowledge in assisting their clients in the letter of credit wording to be used, combined with their experience in presenting documents against such payment tools ensure a smooth transition through shipping, payment and ultimate transfer of ownership. Minimising the risk of demurrage charges caused by failed documentation reduces the cost of import to their clients.

Deferred Payment Letters Of Credit

Bentall Rowlands Silo Storage Ltd have sourced available lines of credit for certain African territories allowing Bentalls to accept up to 18 months deferred payment finance package options. The cost of such packages can be from as little as 0.65% per month. This valuable time allows Bentalls to manufacture, ship and erect your project before payment therefore reducing the burden on your cashflow during the build.

Example package based on 0.65% per month- Total Finance Charge for 18 months deferred payment on £500k = £58,500. Equating to 7.8% per annum.

Finance package options are offered subject to final approval and local creditworthiness. Finance rates quoted can be affected by global cost of funds fluctuations and therefore can be withdrawn without notice at any time by BRSS. BRSS decision is final.

Open Account

Bentall Rowlands Silo Storage may be able to offer subject to your creditworthiness open account terms. Due to the nature of the product being effectively bespoke per customers needs the company may request an initial advance payment. Bentall Rowlands can alleviate any concerns you may have with regards advance payments made against orders by issuing 1st Class UK Bank Guarantees effectively securing your funds until Bentalls deliver your order.

Insured Credit

One off credit insurance options can be sought and used to secure Bentall Rowlands risk against your project. The benefits of such packages are that they allow the rest of your finance or banking facility limits to continue at the levels prior to the development project.