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Water Tanks

Bentall Rowlands now offers a complete range of water storage tanks from 2.74 m to 14.63 m diameter and heights up to 11.66 m covering most capacity requirements supplied to agriculture, horticulture, sports irrigation and industrial use. Options include roofs/covers and different types of lining material.

  • Capacity: from 7,000 litres to 600,000 litres – 1,860 gallons to 157,850 gallons
  • Diameter: from 2.74 m to 14.63 m – 9’ to 48’
  • Overall height: from 3.91 m to 11.66 m – 3’ 11” to 11’ 8”

A range of lining materials are available, butyl rubber, EPDM and PVC – most models have options of 0.75mm and 1mm thick material and include a set of medium to low density polyethylene inner and outer cappings, clips, wire strainer kit with tensioner.

Bentall Rowlands manufactures ten degree sloping galvanised roofs having a centre spinning and permanent centre support and eaves access hatch. Alternative forms of cover are available for different applications.