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‘Aylsham’ Smoothwall Round Silos

The Aylsham smoothwall round silos form part of a fully integrated system designed to store grain, pellets, soya, dust/by-products and other difficult to flow product types.

Ranging in size from 3 metre to 9 metre diameter in 1 metre increments, with wall heights up to 15 metres. The Aylsham range of silos can be offered with either a steel full floor or hopper cone assembly. The silo sidewall and full floor or cone utilises the same galvanised steel as our corrugated range of silos. The galvanised covering is to G600 giving a total coating of 600 grams per square metre. The non-corrugated sidewall sheets are fastened using dome headed grade 8.8 spun-galvanised fixings. This ensures that the inside of the silo is as smooth as possible to minimise product hang up.

The cones come in two designs, 45 degree & 60 degree and consist of G600 curved cone panels and fixed with dome headed bolts. The outlet flange size is dependent upon product flow rates and characteristics. The clearance under the outlet may vary according to the recovery equipment under the silo.

For silos being discharged by a rotating recovery machine we offer a supported full floor for the Aylsham silo. The full floor is produced from galvanised steel with butt joints and dome headed fixings. The silo and floor is then supported by structural steel which is hot-dip galvanised to ensure a long working life.