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We are delighted to announce that during 2017, we were awarded with the design and supply of grain silos for the brand new, state of the art grain silo and loading facility in the Rostock Seaport. With a silo capacity of 160,000 tonnes, all fully compliant to Eurocode, we have designed, engineered and manufactured:

  • 12 silos, 28m diameter, 33m in height, 12,500 tonnes capacity each
  • 6 silos, 13m diameter, 30m in height, 2,700 tonnes capacity each
  • 6 hopper silos, 6m diameter, 31m in height, 540 tonnes capacity each
  • Catwalks - designed to hold conveying capacities of up to 600 tonnes/hr

The project is to plan and build a grain counter for the collection and handling of grain and oilseeds for GT Rostock GmbH. The new grain complex is built using state of the art technology and includes 18 storage silos, sampling facilities with laboratory and brush rooms, grain handling for railway and truck, a switchboard and machine tower, loading with conveyor belt bridge and a workshop.

Paul Kirkman, Managing Director – Bentall Rowlands says “For us to be commissioned to deliver this project is fantastic. Everything is running very smoothly between all parties involved with all aspects being delivered timely and on schedule. This is an exciting time for GT Rostock, and this investment will provide positive economic development within Germany. The team is working extremely hard and we can’t wait to see the finished project. ”

This is one of the biggest steel silo plants (if not the biggest) to be installed in Germany. This new site will provide a loading capacity of 1,200 tonnes per hour and is being constructed on an area of approximately five hectares. All engineering started early 2017, with production and deliveries from our Scunthorpe office taking place over summer. The project is set to be complete during 2018.