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On Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th June 2013, the Bentall Rwlands team attended the Cereals show at the “The Old Rocket Site”. This was a fantastic two day event, giving Bentall Rowlands the opportunity to display and exhibit some of their UK leading products.

The event was a huge success and enabled Bentall Rowlands to meet some of their valued customers and discuss the extensive range of galvanised steel silos. Bentall Rowlands has evolved throughout the years to become an innovative and successful company in the manufacture of turnkey storage installations, bulk storage handling and processing equipment for agricultural and industrial markets.

Bentall Rowlands has been operating since the 19th century and this experience and knowledge ensures we are continuously developing our knowledge and product ranges to meet our customers’ needs.

After an exciting few days, Nick Carter, Technical Sales Manager said: “This was an excellent opportunity for Bentall Rowlands to meet our customers and meet potential new customers. With plenty of exhibitors and visitors at the Cereals show, it was great to get involved!”