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Case Studies - Regensburg

45, 930 tonnes;
2 x 220 t/h

This large grain storage project deep in the heart of Germany has 12 of our 15 metre diameter by 22 ring silos each holding 3,775 tonnes of wheat and 3 of our 5 metre diameter by 11 ring 45 degree hopper bottom silos each holding 210 tonnes of wheat.

The customer's enquiry was for silos outside of our standard range and as always, Bentall Rowlands did not turn their back on the project. We sat down with our engineers and designed these very tall silos incorporating the latest Euro-codes governing the design of grain storage silos. Even the size of the top catwalk system is outside of our standard range. The catwalk had to be 2.40 metres wide, full width mesh central walkway, with side extension platforms to give operator access to the conveyor drives and intermediate outlet slides